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Lakers: #8 or #24? Which number would join the other Lakers greats?

It is a question that the Lakers organization would not have to worry about for a few more years but it is an interesting topic, a debatable one too. It will be a tough decision for the Lakers organization to make. In my opinion, I think whether he won the 3 championships as a “sidekick” or 2 championships as the “main guy” shouldn’t be the main argument when deciding which number to retire. The fact is Shaquille would have never won without Bryant or the others players and Kobe would never have won without Pau or any other players on the Lakers squad. Nobody wins championships by themselves.

When he wore number 8, he had to have the maturity as a player by accepting his role on the team being the supporting cast. He did his job well, providing the fire-power the Lakers were looking for then when Shaq was in foul trouble or having a off-night. He broke NBA records, he did great and jaw-dropping performances, he won championships, he won Slam Dunk competition, he won an All-Star MVP, he won a scoring title, he was a 8 time All-Star and he was already considered as a future Hall-Of-Famer. With that resume, it is enough to retire any player’s number within any organization and to be considered for Hall-of-Fame.
Then he started off a new season wearing number 24 and went on to do even more amazing things, adding on to his already mind-blowing resume: winning another scoring title, winning the regular season MVP, winning 2 more championships, 2 Finals MVPs, winning 2 more All-Star MVPs, 4 times All-Star, and breaking more records. Using that as a serperate career, those achievements are enough to hang another’s number up high and putting their name down in the Hall-of-Fame. With number 24, he has to accept his new role on this new Lakers squad where he has to be the leader guiding his team to win. His maturity as a player grew because his job is not just to score but to get his team-mates involved and motivate them to win. He has to raise their level of play to match his rather than making every play in the game by himself.
He went from a guy who just needed to come in and score to help the team win to a leader who has to lead his team to win. Yes, he was not as mature a player then as he is now but nobody is perfect. The mentality of the #8 Kobe is different from that of the #24 Kobe. In my opinion, I think both numbers deserve retirement because Kobe Bryant is in a special situation. He has played with the Lakers his whole career and his accomplisments when wearing both numbers are incredible seperately and when you put them together. There is also always a first in everything so what better reasons are there to retire two numbers for one player than Kobe Bryant’s career? Ultimately if one single number had to be picked, number 24 would be the better of the two numbers only because 8 is the number Kobe Bryant had chosen to leave behind while wearing the number 24 now.


Hello world!

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We all know the despicable things (s)he did

It was nothing different, it was nothing surprising

Just shut your eyes and pretend it was a nightmare

We all know the pick up lines (s)he uses

It was nothing different, it was nothing creative

Acting nice, acting sorry only with a slight twist

An idiot like us may be quite naïve

But at least we aren’t fakes

At least we gave it our all

We are the same kind of idiot

To allow love to hurt us over and over again

To believe that (s)he is different

Only to be played like an idiot

We are the same kind of idiot

To never give in to the pain

To believe one day, there will be a price to all the givings

Only to find the price in the end was to be called an idiot

… … …Why are they all the same… … …

R.I.P. Michael Jackson, the King of Pop~

Today a sad tragedy has happened! Michael Jackson suffered from a
cadiac arrest and died after arriving at the hospital! A legend’s life
is lost again!

I remember when I was young, I wanted to be named Michael! First I
wanted to be Michael Jackson then I picked up a basketball and wanted
to be Michael Jordan! For a while, I remember calling myself Michael
wherever i go! I was impersonating Michael Jackson, doing all the dance
moves but when I stepped up onto the basketball court; I was
impersonating Michael Jordan, trying to do the moves he does! Both MJ’s
were a big part of my child-hood! I would stay up late as a kid, just
watching all of MJ’s music videos and just trying to learn his moves!
It was the best moment in my life, idolizing the King of Pop and just
wanting to dance his moves! My dad even got the whole thing down on
camera whenever I would dance and say I AM MICHAEL JACKSON! I used to
be so scared of the Thriller music video because of the zombies, oh
boy…the kind of stories and things my brother would use to scare me
with! And now…now he is gone from this world!

Just when he was just about to mount a comeback, this legendary
performer left us all! He will never be forgotten, he has taught the
world so many! Not just with his amazing voice and his famous dance
moves but also he touched us all with his lyrics and his love for the
world! He not only cares for those in Africa, he has shown great
sympathy to all those around the world! It don’t matter if you’re black
or white! He made sure people hears his voice, he makes sure those who
were treated unfair sees some light in the future! And yet for the past
few years, we have used the King of Pop’s name as a reference and a
joke for perverts? This is one legendary figure whom has died with so
many mis-understandings the world has inflicted upon him! Maybe he did
make some mistakes in his life, maybe he did all those things which
leads people to thinking that he is "mentally-retarded" but have we
stop and look at all the goods MJ has done in his life?

He touches many lives with that voice of his; he inspired many to start
dancing and he goes beyond his power to try and help HEAL THE WORLD
which has hurted him in every way possible! He was a tortured soul, so
strong and yet so vulnerable at the same time! A tragic beauty, and in
many ways reminded me of Princess Diana: Supreme but always
self-doubting, hurt and injured by the harshness of the media yet his
legend will live on! He is dead but let us all not forget his
teachings, his talents and his love! R.I.P. Michael Jackson, the King
Of Pop he will forever be! I grew up idolizing two MJ’s and now only
one of them is still alive! SIghhhh~

"And it seems to me you lived your life

Like a candle in the wind

Never fading with the sunset

When the rain set in

And your footsteps will always fall here

Along America’s greenest hills

Your candles burned out long before

Your legend ever will"


…A Lost Story…

By Lawrence Chia Yen, Lin
… …Two lovers… …Two opposite dreams… …
… …What will they remember after their seperation… …?
… …Is it the soul-stirring affection when they first met… …?
… …Is it the fiery passion when they fell in love… …?
… …Is it the tormenting heartache when they fought… …?
… …Or is it the final benediction during their parting… …?
 After the breakup… …
He gathered his memories… …
While she vacate the appartment and the last minute arrival of letters… …
His reluctance could be felt… …
While her affliction could be seen… …
To them, it is a day of confused emotions… …
To those who loved, it is a lost story… …
She recalls back to his first confession of his love… …
And he echoes the happiness she shone upon him… …
The surrounding atmosphere is the residue of their loving memory… …
The only question that both ponder is… …
… …Why and how did it all come to pass… …
Both waited for the other to speak of the end… …
Maybe neither knew the cause… …
The only question he wanted to ask became speechless… …
(How long will it take for their love to become a lost story)… …
Her only respond is gagged by the bitter truth… …
(Perhaps time will heal them both)… …
Their love story started to alter… …
They both walked out together… …
An obscure yet intimate silence bond them together… …
In their eyes reflect a different world… …
They finally hit a bifurcation after all these years… …
Now they both grasp the cause… …
They both were sharing opposite dreams that shall never contact… …
With a last glance, they both walked on… smiling…
Maybe this will not be a lost story… …
 *Beep* (Both he and she says) You have reached **** and ****’s fairyland! Please leave a message and your number after the beep; for we are busy loving one another! (Both he and she laughing) We will get back to you as soon as possible! (He says) I love ****! (She says) I love **** more! (Shared laughter) *Long Beep*

Believe in Christmas

The snowflake that gently attach itself to the smooth surface of my window reminds me that Christmas is here once again. Christmas, the most loving holiday of all, is once again upon this snowy city. As I sit here at 3:42 a.m sleepless, I decided to wonder down the path of my long winding train of thoughts. For the past year of 2008, I have heard people saying that this world is full of chaos and hatred; whenever I find myself giving in to that very thought, I go to the top of the Saint Joseph Church. There, is the place where I find the peace of life, there is the place where I see love surrounding me. Love between friends, children and parents, boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, brother and sister; so who says that this world is so full of hatred? Love is actually all around us. All we need to do is to see it, feel it, sense it, grab hold of it and welcome it. Christmas is one of the biggest event of the year, it finds itself surrounded by love, forgiveness and happiness. So Christmas means to love, to forgive and to be happy. To love; to love the ones around you, to love the world, to love what you have, to love what you had and to love yourself. To forgive; to forgive the ones who wronged you, to forgive the past, to forgive the world and to forgive yourself. Be happy; be happy for life, be happy for your family, be happy for the world and be happy for yourself. But what is Christmas without all the presents? Some might want a car, others might want a toy. I am very lucky to want most unwanted gift of all and yet the most precious gift of all. I want to be satisfied; I want to be satisfied by what I already have, satisfied by what I had. Yes, it would be nice to have a car or to have a million dollar or that new cellphone but wouldn’t I just want more and more each time? Wouldn’t it be nicer if I can get what nobody else asked for: the satisfaction of life? In life you don’t always get what you want, whether it be Christmas or not, so how you face the disappointment will be the real test. So this christmas, I ask for nothing but for myself to learn to be satisfied with everything I have and had. Maybe I don’t need the things I wish I have, maybe I am great the way my life is; all I have to do is to see it, feel it, sense it, grab hold of it and welcome it and hopefully it will turn out to be the best Christmas present I can ever get! So to those who bothered to read this, I wish that one day you will be as lucky as I am: to learn to lead a life where you can be positive and be satisfied with all that you have. I wish that one day you can wake up and say: I WANT NOTHING MORE~

*********** 丟了翅膀, 他仍是天使 ************


望這只是一場夢,夢醒後充滿靈氣的新新在對我 甜甜地笑。我開始幻聽,總感覺新新
I我將信將疑地看著兒子在紙上歪歪扭扭地寫下兩個大大的"新 "字,尤其敖看到他們