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my new confession to a girl very important

June 16, 2006
I just confess to a girl who is important to me!I’m glad i did that, even if she is going to refuse me(not that she did), at least i know i tried!!!I shall love her and remember her to the day of my death!!!It has taken me 2 years to say that i like her and to ask her out, what a coward i am!But everytime i meet her eyes, i just don’t have the guts to ask her out or tell her how much i need her in my life!At least if i can see her once per day and i am good, i had done almost everything i could in the past 2 years to make her happy!Sometimes it work yet others seem to piss her off, i apologise to her for that, all i wanna do is just see her laugh and smile and everything else is worthy, no matter how much trouble i have go through!I am sharing my feeling with u guys cuz y’all are my friends and i feel better letting my feelings out cuz i have hide these secrets for too long!!!Wish i ask her out earlier!!!

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