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Another poem i wrote

July 8, 2006
A Wound That Turns To Scar
by lawrence lin chia yen
Rejection comes as a blow
Smiling on the surface yet crying inside
Walking in the rain
Yet with tears in my eyes
I feel so lonely now you are gone,
No more motivation to pull me through,
Nothing to look forward to when i open my eyes,
Just want to cry all day for losin you.
Wherever you are now,
You seems so far away,
The wound you left in me
Now becomes a scar.
Everything becomes colourless now you’re gone,
My life is dull
And i wish you’re back in my life
To heal my scar
And to bring colours back.
My tears are dry now
And I’ve to move on with life
Bearing the scar that you left in me.
Your rejection is still raw in me
I lost part of me when I lost you,
Yet I still can’t forget that pretty smile,
But one thing is for sure,
My wound had turn to scar!

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