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The Life Chapter of Lin Chia Yen (chp 1)

July 15, 2006
Hi to everyone who’s here again!!! My name is lin chia yen and im born in Taiwan on aug 24 nearly 17 years ago, I lived a happy life with my families and my friends, yet i never dream that one day i would leave all of them behind and go somewhere to study!!! About 11 years ago, i went to this strange country call Singapore, it was my first time on a plane and my first time i saw and been on a plane. "Mommy? Where are we going? Why are we going there?" "Be good, baby! We are going to Singapore where ur sister lives and you are going on a long vacation without mommy and daddy! Are you excited?" "Yeah i am" (no im not) Little do i know that from that day on my life will be different, never can i be with my families everyday!!! If there is anything that i want more is that i wish i never go on that plane, yet without that fact, i would never ever know any of you guys!!! I could not understand why my parents send me out but as i grew up, i finally understand that it is all for me not for them!!! I even remember that the day my parents are going back to Taiwan and i never knew about that and i thought they are just going somewhere for vacation and will come back to pick me up in the end! But that never happens and after a week i started to look for my parents and my sister told me that they’ve gone back and i started to cry.(the first time i’ve been away from my parents so far away) And it was from that day that makes who i am today and i will never be that lin chia yen who enjoy his life with his families and friends! Never ever would i be him again, how i envy him so much…………………..
To Be Continued….
The first picture shows my grandma hugging me when i was a baby
The second one is me and my mom before i go to Singapore
The third one is me and my dad before i go to Singapore

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