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The Life Chapter Of Lin Chia Yen(chp 2)

July 15, 2006
And so i started my life as a foreign student trying to fit into a foreign country! Throughout my life, this is what i do, trying to be someone that the locals will give you credits for! But there is good memories and bad memories, good friends and bad friends! Wherever you goes, no matter how much you try to be nice, no matter how nice you already are, there is always going to be someone to will go against you! A lot of people will say that i must be really independent and mentally strong person but i disagree, ok, maybe i do look and act independent but deep inside i am only a hurt deer who is in search of its parents in a huge forest. Whenever i see a mom or a dad laughing and joking with their kids, i envy them, the kids, to have the chance to be with their parents everyday yet some kids wish they can leave their parents and family forever.(NO!!! THEY DO NOT ) They do not really understand the fact that without your parents by your side, there is a lot of things that you need to do alone, a lot of problems you have to face alone and there is no one to rely on everyday!!! There is only you and yourself, and that feeling is not good at all, i promise you that! I have been someone that i’m not sure is me, in fact, i have already forgotten who i really am, i have always being decriminated by my friends and i hated to go to school, i love studying, i used to be a nerd who gets really good grades in elementary school but i change, again to fit into a new community and i change when i arrive at montreal. It is another part of life for me, to learn another new language and to fit in to another community, this is life for me and i guess it will always be like that til the day i die…………….

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