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The life chapter of Lin Chia Yen(CHP 3)

July 22, 2006
So i guess i arrive in singapore and i was strange to that country, it is also my first time away from my country and so i feel very unfamiliar with everything even with my sister with me!!! Yet i have to get on with life and try to make these unfamilar things familar or else i wont be able to survive in this community!!! I started to actually become part of them, like im starting to become more and more like the locals and i started to get used to my fate and that this is going to be the life im going to lead and i will have to accept it if i want to survive!!! I have to admit i was happy when i was there in songapore but i have no regret on leaving singapore but the time comes for me to go to a place call Quebec(frecking quebec with a whole bunch of blondies) which is in Canada. I was excited to be able to live in a environment like that, i was thrilled and want to make some new friends but i was wrong!!! VERY WRONG!!! Instead of being acceptted by people, i was just like another asian kid to them and i dont want to be another asian kid to them!!! I WANT TO BE A BRAND NEW KIND OF ASIAN THAT THEY WILL ONLY MEET ONCE IN THIER LIFE!!! And so i changed, from a nerd to this guy then to me right now but it was just a mask to hide the damn "another asian kid" side of me!!! Sometimes when i stop and think for a second, i feel lucky to have changed because i was a boring and dull person but now i learned to be humorous and funny; other times i feel that maybe the changes i under go, is just wrong and shouldnt have happen!!! I DONT KNOW ANYMORE, AND I FEEL THAT AT MY AGE, I SHOULD JUST ENJOY LIFE BUT I JUST CANT!!! I am greatly exhausted and hurt, and i just dont want to care about a lot of things, yet this is going to be my life and i will have to love it in order for others to love and accept me………………………
To be continued…….

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