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The life chapter of Lin Chia Yen(chp 4)

August 6, 2006
And after so many years of moving around, been on the plane mutiple times, I arrive in Quebec, Canada. Just like i mentioned before, in order for others to accept me, I changed myself hoping to make some friends and i guess i still lack one thing!!! I guess i was still an asshole inside even though my look is differnt now but the inside will have to go with the change!!!  So i went to this french basic school to help myself learn french and all my friends are asian and im not happy with it, cuz i want to make different types of friend other than asians. Anyway so i changed,
change too much for myself to even remember how i look like before!!!  Then i changed school again to a school called College Francais, it is like another world for me!!! The people are nice but they are all french and everytime they talk to me in french, i was like what the hell are they talking about!!! After two months in that school, comes summer time and my mom decides to switch me into a english school because that is what i’m better at!!! And so here comes another new environment for me………………
To be continued…

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