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The life chapter of lin chia yen(chp 5)

August 14, 2006
And this new environment is call Heritage Regional High School. This is where I met everyone who is important in my life, yet not that fast, so i came to heritage as a tiny lil asian kid. I am bullied by this guy call Jason Collin Madden (he bacame my friend later on)(but he keep saying that he dont remember he ever bullied me but the fact is that he is afraid that he will get his ass owned by my asian skills if he admit it!!! Not that i will be able but he is afraid!!!)because of my nationality but unlike from before, there are more people who are willing to be friends with me and i thank u guys if u are reading this, Vas, Kyle, Ben and the others in the gang. That was my sec 1 year and i guess my froends aren’t that much at that time cuz i was an asshole to lots of people at that time thinking that if im going to be treated like an asshole then why do i have to treat the others with respect but my friends prove me wrong by accepting me and i don’t know how to express my feeling! All the time when i arrived in Canada, I have been searching for that, friendship from people, the evidence that i have fitted into their society too!!! I want this bad and now i get it and so they are the reason i changed from an asshole to me now, maybe i still am an asshole to some but i want to say im sorry and i never meant to offend anyone! But dont take this as im afraid or something but it is a hand of friendship i offer and thats all. There is lots of people i want to thank but thats later on however in my sec 1 year, these people i mentioned are most important to me!!!
To Be Continued……
lawrence lin chia yen

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