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Life Chapter of lin chia yen(chp 6)

September 6, 2006
Wow!!! Time passeed so fast and three years went by, now i cant believe that im not in heritage anymore and have changed to a school called Westmount High!!! However it is nothing like heritage and heritage is like my second home!!! Why my 2nd home? Well everyone is like my close friends amd everyones accepted me for who i am and i thank all of them.
I really want to thank some people alot! Vas the greek god, kyle the shrimp, special thanks to Julie paquette the frenchie, Solly the wanna be, Marc, Haris, T-Mac, Camron the mvp, Jason the sick, Alex the timid, Silva man, Ricky and all those whom i forgot and im sorry for forgettibg to mention ur name but im grateful for all of y’all!!!I just wanna thank Ricky in this message, who has been there with me when i most needed him to talk and i was there too for him(i hope so)when he needed someone to talk to, so thank u, Ricky and i really want u to know that i appreciate ur friendship and her comfort that pull me through all those hard times i had. I know u are reading this message and i want u to know that u have benn a really close friend to me even though we only know each another for 1 year, but it feels like we know one another for more than that, especially the summertime we became closer than i could ever imagine helping me through the rejection from julie and i helped him through the pain from jessica. The next chapter will be about how I knew the girl who cjanged my life and how i fell for her so deep that i cant even get over her even til now!!!! So stay tune!!!
To Be Continued……..

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