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life chapter of lin chia yen(chp 8)

September 26, 2006

The stars shined brightly above me and I wondered, I wondered what could be more wonderful than these twinkling stars. A voice in my head answered me back,” Love is one thing that is much more wonderful than those stars”, and so I sat there and wondered, what is love? Is it our strength? Is it our weakness? Or is it just a feeling? So I come up with my own philosophy that love is both a gift and curse that is given to humans from God. It is a gift because it inspires humans and pulls us through bad and tough times, however it is also a curse because it brings us down and many have died for it. “When I miss someone, it doesn’t mean I love them, but when I love someone, it doesn’t mean I need to be with them. When I look into her eyes, I feel both stronger and weaker. Love is always selfish and when the time is right for two people to be together, then I think that they should capture the chance and not let it slip away or do nothing, saying let destiny decides it all. However destiny can never be fulfilled if we do not do anything about it. Love is such a wonderful thing, when I’m loved, I feel happy but when my love is unrequited, I feel like I lost part of me. Love is a universal language that doesn’t need translation!” After I came up with my own philosophy, I had a whole new look on life!I also experience love before, I once love this girl so much (I still do), and her name is Julie Paquette. Every time I looked into those pretty eyes of hers, I can see part of my broken soul in her, when she smiles at me, she just stole my breath way from me. She became my motivation in life and the more I look at her, the more I fell for her, she has simply lit up my life with a single smile. Other times I wonder too, how can some people love another person for a lifetime and why does others’ love ended after a few short years? I think that love is a symbol of hope to me, something to look forward to when we’re down. Its like a ray of bright light in our darkened times, as long as there is someone to love, and as long as someone loves us, in turn, there will be motivation in our hearts and actions. In conclusion, love is something that we humans can’t live without, it is a feeling? I don’t think so; I think that it is something even deeper than that! There is lots of people who claims that they are expert in the studies of love but I think no they’re not! I think that love can never be studied, it can only be felt, if it is a study then it’ll take billions of years to study it and there will be no definite answer for love because everyone can be right about love, we cannot say someone is wrong for their philosophy of what love is! Love is unable to be studied because everyone feels differently towards it and no one has the right to put his/her point of view in everyone’s point of view!!! Love is a certain thing in an uncertain world, it gives us a very solid certainty emotion and I don’t have to be afraid that it will be taken away from me! 


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