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A Brokened Heart That Is Dead

October 11, 2006
A Brokened Heart That is Dead
by lawrence lin chia yen
My brokened heart
Has been shattered by you
Why do you have to hurt me so
After all that i’ve done for you?
My brokened heart is now dead
And i can feel no more
I am tired and hurt from loving you
I spend two years to win your smile
Yet i destroy it all in just two minutes
My feelings are lost
Now you’ve cut open
That scar you once left in me
I wish i can take back all that i’ve said
Yet i know that must be done
I’m letting my emotions burn in me
So that i can move on again
I need to find my shattered heart
And put it back in place
Your smile has vanished from my mind
And when i find the another you
Maybe my heart will be healed
And the feelings i lost
Will once again be familiar to me.

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