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my confession

October 29, 2006
For a long time i have wondered why am i here in this world with so many complicated feelings, i sometimes even wish that i can not feel nomore when im at a point when i think that i might explode! It is that sense of touch that i think we all miss so much that we crash into one another so that we can feel something. But the question i keep asking myself is what is feeling? All those happy feelings, all those painful feelings, and all those disappointed feelings when we’ve been let down, where does it comes from? Is it our brain or is it our heart? If it comes from our brain then why do we feel hurt at our heart when we are disappointed and even hurt? But if we feel with our heart, the problem is that our heart cant feel, so which is it? I never know and i dont know how to answer myself. Can someone answer this question, i dont think so, it will be as mysterious as love, something that is too complicated for us to understand right now in this century!!!

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