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Mr. perfect no more

November 26, 2006
Mr. perfect no more
By lawrence lin chia yen
I was walking down the school
When i met a girl so pretty
Back then i was Mr. perfect
Thinking that i had it all
Yet i was so wrong
Everything change when i met her
I learn that i was Mr. nothing at all
But fortunately for me
She makes me Mr. have it all
She is everything i’m not
And i am everything she is not
Thats why we both combine to be one
I can’t live without her
Now that i know what perfect is
And i wondered how i lived before
She is whom i’ve been looking for all life long
My heart is filled with joy
Tears no more and pain no more
Finally it is my turn to shine
As i am Mr. Perfect once more
Lawrence’s words
Everyday, you see someone, talk to someone, sit with someone however you never stop and think about who they are and what they do. They can be the complete opposite of you, they can be everything you are not, yet after sharing a few minutes together on the bus or metro, you go your own seperate ways. The positive side of a magnet combine with the negative side of a magnet to become one, so does everyuthing else in this world and that includes love. Everyone thinks that they are an one, a whole person yet they are not, when your love is found, you will discover that you are only a half as if waiting for the other half to appear. Your love can be everything you are not and you can be everything they are not but that is what makes both an one whole perfect person, you just can’t foeget about the other because you had a taste of what a perfect person is like. It is like we are all made either a positive or a negative, we repel and attract one another all our life. Who cares that you are no longer by their side? AS long as you know there was a time when you loved someone with all your heart and you have give al the love you can give, that is perfect love. Who hasn’t loved before in their life? Who hasn’t watched the stars in the nightsky and wish that one day your own brilliant star will bring someone to you? Youth is what we all have now, waiting for true love is what we all are doing. Never seeing you again doesn’t mean i am not entitled to miss you, wish that this is the last time i say goodbye to my true love.
Insipired by a video i saw from kkbox, a movie(guess who), and myself……………………………..
Dedicated to my friends who has been with me through my rough time especially Ricky!!!!

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