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January 27, 2007
Heyy, guys!!! Its been way too long since i last wrote on my space!!! Sorry for those who have been expecting more blogs from me!!! Well i have to say, about 6 months ago when i first arrive at Westmount High School, i thought i would never be happy again, i thought i couldnt be like who i was in Heritage but i was wrong!!! Alll thxs to my new friends who believe in me like how my old ones did in me when i first get there!!! I guess i moved on and im sorry to my old friends that we cant spend more time together, i’ll miss all the laughs that we had together, never forget the Gang with Vas, Solly, Kyle, J.V, Rita, Benny, Manuel etc…. All those will be in my memory forever!!!! Also there was Ricky who was there for me when im down the well, can never forget about u bro!!! But now that Westmount is my new school, i have fitted in pretty well even though not like how i would dream it to be but i fit in!!! I learned loads from my new school and friends, i have become a better person than i was and im glad i came to Westmount because if i didnt, i wont know all my new friends now who show me a whole new side of life i never know!!! I remember my first day there sitting in Homeroom when a guy named Raymond walked up to me and started to talk to me, he is the first to talk to me in Westmount and all my friends after basically started from the friends that he introduce me to!!! The most interesting way of how i met someone is how me and Genius get to become buddies!!! See i was with Raymond when this girl walked up to him and said hi and later we had a quiz in physical science and she didnt do a really good job and i was like,"Yo Ray, her name is Genius right? Well her mark certainly shows that she aint a genius!!!" I guess i was a mean lil bastard and she heard me and she was pissed off at me!!!! But later how did we get to know one another real well, neither me nor her is sure about that!!! But  i think its cuz of my perfume that i put on that day or maybe its simply becuz that she couldnt resist me, and so i attracted her to me and we started being friends!!! Well she couldnt remember how we became close and so im sticking to my story!!! LOL Of course i cant forget about all those other firnds who are nice to me too!!! My Pal (RAYMOND), the BIBI (SHAMILA), my gangster G and my savior (GENIUS), the mean clown (RICHARD), my korean idiot (YOHAN), the indian bro (KENNIL), Mr. Bean (JEROME), some random blonde guy (JOHNATHAN),  the doctor wanna be (EMIE HOANG), the frenchie who stole my quarter (EMMY), the blonde girl (MEGAN M.), the jew who call himself a jew (JARED), the retarded lil half black guy (FRANCO) ETC…… All of y’all will not be forgotten especially G, ur the best, man!!! So some changes in life are both for better and for worse and so i do learned to matured my mind even more now i understand life more along with these friends!!! And i’ll always try to bring happiness to all of those who needs it!!! So im out and PEACE OUT!!!!

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  1. Genius permalink

    I LUV YOU!! not bcuz u said nice things abt me..but bcuz m not worth half the things u said abt me in this blog.!! ur just nice that\’s why u think everybody around u is nice.!! we here in WESTMOUNT are slow in the winter, but when comes summer we go back in action..and full on gear..there\’s lots of fun anf dirty jokes.!! hope u\’ve enjoyed so far…there\’s lots more to come.!! neways..exactly like u said in ur blog i don\’t remember how we met..but u became part of my life like no1 else has so fast…ur da 1 that makes me laugh even when m down..{even thou that hasn\’t even happened til now…but m sure u\’ll be da first one to do that..rite?}  u\’ve always been my mirror: bcuz the best personal mirror is the opinion of a friend, u\’ve been my consultant : bcuz true friend can know what\’s wrong with u in minutes, u\’ve been there whenever I’ve needed u…and u bet u can always expect nething from me whenever u want..beside u know wat.! ur 1 of a kind, ur extra caring, ur super intelligent, a good listener, and above all a fine, helpful, kind-hearted, gentle, funny, compassionate, amiable, jovial fun-loving person. Ur the one day brightens my day…ur always around me to cheer me up. ALWAYS remember my advice…but don’t try it on me..find sum1 else. :“the best way to get over sum1, is to get under sum1 else.” nice eh? ^_^ neways u’ve been through rough times.& deserve a lot. ur the kind of gem that are hard to find..and only lucky people notice..i think m one of those lucky ones..i found u…u enlighten me everyday with ur jokes. “last nite I looked up the stars and matched each one with a reason y I became ur friend, I was doin great, but then I ran out”..i’ll always be ur “condom”.bcuz I heard sumwhere that friends are like condoms…they protect u though rough times.!! MY muscular mr.full of himself orange sexy teddy!! I LOV U FOR WHO U ARE!! That’s why m telling u never start frowning, bcuz u never kno who might be fallin in love with ur smile!! Also u better remember what I always tell u. : never do sumthing for sum1 that doesn’t deserve it!! U won’t believe it but it’s true…I wanted to kill the sexiest person alive..but wait! suicide is a crime.!! LOL u’ll always find ur gangsta G whenever u’ll open ur eyes…there’s this thing that describes it well: §omewhere There’§ §omeone Who Dream§ Of Your §mile, And Find§ In Your Pre§ense That Life i§ Worth While, §o When You Are Lonely, Remember It’§ True: §omeone, §omewhere I§ Thinking Of You.!! Keep it real.and JOGA BONITO..!! peace frm ur gangsta G!

  2. Emie permalink

    omg.. im not a doctor wanna be!

    im too scared of blood to be a doctor lol….
    plus what i got in the math exam can prove that im maybe not gonna make it…
    omg…. -__-;;

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