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How Being In Love Feels Like!!!

January 28, 2007

By lawrence lin chia yen

I wondered all my life,
Until I see your face,
All air seems so strange.
My heart pounded on my chest,
A feeling so strong
I thought it was a moment’s rush,
Yet all night long,
I could only think about you.
All of a sudden,
I find myself trying to impress you
Long before i know your name,
I’ve already fallen for your smile,
All those times we share together,
You never seems to notice me at all.
But I adore your beauty
So i just wanna say that I Love You!!!!


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One Comment
  1. Genius permalink

    teddy i\’ve got to admit…u really have ur ways with words.!! ur words can seriously make sum1\’s day. they have deep meanings & maybe that\’s how people feel when they are in love.!! well i think i should try this too don\’t u think…u know me..i\’ve tried everything rite??!! lol luv u…more than urself.!!

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