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March 21, 2007

Different races shouldn’t be mixing together. I mean we are of different backgrounds, different culture, different religion and look, we are not meant to be together! Sorry, someone of your own race and culture might just love you more than I ever will just because they are of the same race and culture as you are……… Should I keep going or are you as sick of these comments as I am? Have you ever see yourself with someone of a totally different race, I have, as a matter of fact; I have always been in an inter-racial relationship! Good day, honorable judges, teachers and fellow classmates, today I stand proudly in front of you and telling you that there is no wrong in an inter-racial relationship! What gives a person the right to tell two people of a different race that they do not belong together just because they do not come from the same culture? Apparently, lots of people in our society do think so and will stop at nothing to prevent it. Stop for a moment, those who disagrees with me, stop and think, does a person’s nationality really matters so much that you cannot fall in love with them? Go take a walk downtown and I guarantee you will see lots of different cultures of couples walking together. You cannot control or limit yourself who or who not to fall in love with, and remember: It is neither our race/religion nor looks that defines who we are, it is what we do.

Lots of parents fear or prevent their kids to be in inter-racial relationships, maybe because of the religion, or maybe because the parents think that the kids are not mature enough to understand the implication of such relationships. However it is not maturity that is at question here, but prejudice. Parents may only know very little about the interest the kids have for the one another, except that the other is of a different race than them. Parents’ anxieties should be on what kind of guy/girl their kid is dating, get to know the person, and not on the race of the guy/girl that the kid is dating! Tell me that I’m wrong in saying that. Millions of years ago, we were the entire same race, same culture but started to separate and underwent changes, but yet inside, we are all the same. Just like what Ann Landers says: “Love is a friendship that caught on fire. It is a quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It sees no difference between human, it is what your heart dearly desires.” It is true what Ann said, love is another level of friendship and it sees neither color nor race of humans, difference is what we, humans, created and it is one of our weaknesses.

Now, take a moment, I have spend the past minute convincing you that there is nothing wrong with inter-racial relationships, not convinced by me yet?  Now inter-racial relationships bring along hopes and dreams for our world too. By having different cultures mixing together, we are subconsciously doing away the bad seeds of hate, racism, and also prejudice. We learn from it, we learn to appreciate one another’s cultural traditions, the beauty of different religions, see different backgrounds. However most important of all, we learned to look past one’s outer shell, and know that the beauty is on the inside, we learn to accept others with open hands. It reminds us that we are all from the same seed once upon a very long time ago; it builds harmony between both cultures. It brings back hope of eliminating all the racial problems that our society has being experiencing for generations.

 Most important of all, we cannot forget the main “protagonist” in all relationships, love. Inter-racial couples are quite capable to love one another just as much as non-inter-racial couples can, if not, more. As long as there is love between both, it can break through all kinds of great boundaries that the world will place in front of you. Any relationships will have to face challenges along the way, but you tend to love one another more after each challenge is over, and inter-racial couples often tend to love one another more. Knowing that they might not be able to stay forever, knowing that anything could turn their whole relationship around, the couple tends to love and treasure one another more, instead of taking the relationship for granted. Inter-racial couples should not be turned down or discouraged just because their partner is different from them, that is only the external, what matters more is the internal!

In conclusion, I realized that, yes, there are cultural differences, and I think that the way race is set up in this country makes it a hard thing to ignore in an interracial relationship. (And I don’t think it should be ignored.) But it’s eye-opening and it helped me realize that love has no color. The world will be a better place once we stop looking at the colors of the skin but at the colors of the aura. In the end, though, what really matters is how they feel about one another. If parents and others around stubbornly stick to their "conservative" values, they are missing out on sharing in your life and the richness of your relationship. Inter-racial couples will have to decide whether or not they can ignore the negative reactions and focus instead on finding friends and family who will support them. Thank you for sharing this great journey with me.


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