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What is a smile??

June 24, 2007
What is a smile to u?
Is it just a facial expression or is it an expression that comes from the bottom of ur heart? When u smile at someone, do u smile because u want to smile at them or do u smile at them because u think its the right thing to do? Sometimes a smile is all u need to make someone’s day better, sometimes a smile is all that u need to make ur own day. Even though sometimes all that life brings into ur life is just the mean things but just remember a smile will bring a better tomorrow into ur heart. Tomorrow will be better, if not, there is always another tomorrow to constantly look forward to. To smile is to not give up on life, to smile is to show people that u care about them even if they’re nobody but just a stranger. A smile is a warming expression that shines. Never give up on anything in life, never give up fighting for the things u want in life because NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE as long as u have the will. So smile and start making UR life better and also make others’ life better if u can. THAT is the woute that i live by everyday from now on…….I will always be great…..GREAT everyday now that i face everything with nothing but a nice BIG smile on my face!!!
From me to all the people whom i care about out there!!! I love you all!!!!

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