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2008 starts off… … …

January 4, 2008
I am trying to figure out what does each stars in the night-sky mean, sitting here alone beside the window; trying to prepare myself to start writing up anotehr blog. This is the first blog in a brand new year, I am struggling to start studying to prepare for exams after the holidays. Wow… …isn’t it weird when you think about it? A few days ago, it was 2007 and now a few days after and its 2008. One second we’re in 2007 and the next, we’re in 2008. 2007 have been a very long year, so many happy memories, so many pain, so many tough times that I had to deal with but now, now I sit right here. Still breathing, still living, still smiling. We all grow from those tough times, we all come back from dead. Now I am going to change the topic. I was walking downtown one day and I saw this kid holding his dad’s hand waiting in line for a movie ticket. I could hear the little boy whispering to his dad, saying, "Daddy, if one day you can no longer walk, I will hold you like how you hold me now. I love you daddy!!! I will give you the world!!" His dad then asked him,"But… the world cost quite alot of money!! How are you going to give me the world?" "Daddy, my world is the whole world to you, that is what mommy always tell me." I was speechless upon hearing these words, I started to ask myself: What have you done in your life to make Dad and Mom proud? I struggle with myself to find an answer but I couldn’t, it was then that I realize how much time I have wasted. How much wasted time that I can never EVER buy back even with all the money in this world. All i can tell myself is that 2008 will be my year, things may not go the way I want it to go but I know that my FATE is the outcome of my actions… This year, I will be a better LAWRENCE, a new goal this year, do something meaningful so that I will be able to answer my own question. Have I done anything in my life that can make Dad and Mom proud??? By the end of 2008, the answer to that question will be YES, I HAVE!!!

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