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My very own mS.rIGHT~

July 7, 2008

By Lawrence Lin Chia Yen


Mountains high,

Oceans wide,

The bird flies by,

Across the land of rye.

Why? Why? Why?

Where is my Ms. Right?

I am afraid to cry when you are by my side.

I am afraid to let you know

In case you say it’s a lie.

Freedom leads to temptation of crime,

It is the corruption of mind.

Watch as life rhymes

Somewhere along the line

Where time rewinds

Hopefully things will be fine.

In the past,

Where nothing last,

Hold on to the ones you love fast

Because soon things will rust,

And turn to dust.

As I lie down in the grass,

Thinking of you at long last.

Here by my side,

Is my very own Ms. Right,

Telling me all the reasons why

Without a single lie.

There is no need to cry.

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