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July 7, 2008
When a girl cries alone in secret, a guy’s tears drip down like rain
A guy’s toughness, is to protect his most precious you.
Truth is that he wants to hide in your arms and let you protect him.
A guy doesn’t shed a tear too easily
Because he has acted tough for too long a time
that when he wants to cry, he forgot how to cry
Many girls have no clue
that when she asks him if he loves her or not
a guy may be silence
but the truth is that he has so much love for you that you would never have guessed
…but he doesn’t know how to tell you that.
Many girls have no clue
What pains a guy the most
is to watch you sad
Many girls have no clue
the thing that a guy regrets the most
is never to have told you
that he loves you so much
so much that he cannot bear to see you walk away
yet he never told you about it
Your every moment
always stays in his heart
Guys are stupid
he never gets what a girl is hinting
He thought that…
…that a girl knows everything
So he never speaks up
Truth is that a guy bottles himself for too long
and when he met her
he onlt started to learn to express himself
A girl taught a guy how to express himself
But he can never live up to her expectation
Which leds to a girl thinking that the guy doesn’t care
thinking that he never change himself
but the truth is…
he is so happy every year that she changed him so much
He thank GOD every year to let him meet her
He feels so lucky every year
He wants to protect her every year
When she have a difficulty
he will always crack open his head to help her out
but most of the time, he couldn’t solve it for her
Therefore he always blames himself
When a girl mentions that she has to break up with him
he thought that leaving her alone is the best thing for her
but it makes her think that he doesn’t care about her
The truth is…
that how much he hates to leave
how much he wants to stay by her side
He is so sad and so sorry
to have never let her understood that he loves her so much
He cares so much about the girl even after they broke up
He wants to let her know how much he cares about her
How much he loves her
but he is so scare, scare that he will hurt her by accident again.
He just wants her to know that he is sorry…

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