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Believe in Christmas

December 29, 2008
The snowflake that gently attach itself to the smooth surface of my window reminds me that Christmas is here once again. Christmas, the most loving holiday of all, is once again upon this snowy city. As I sit here at 3:42 a.m sleepless, I decided to wonder down the path of my long winding train of thoughts. For the past year of 2008, I have heard people saying that this world is full of chaos and hatred; whenever I find myself giving in to that very thought, I go to the top of the Saint Joseph Church. There, is the place where I find the peace of life, there is the place where I see love surrounding me. Love between friends, children and parents, boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, brother and sister; so who says that this world is so full of hatred? Love is actually all around us. All we need to do is to see it, feel it, sense it, grab hold of it and welcome it. Christmas is one of the biggest event of the year, it finds itself surrounded by love, forgiveness and happiness. So Christmas means to love, to forgive and to be happy. To love; to love the ones around you, to love the world, to love what you have, to love what you had and to love yourself. To forgive; to forgive the ones who wronged you, to forgive the past, to forgive the world and to forgive yourself. Be happy; be happy for life, be happy for your family, be happy for the world and be happy for yourself. But what is Christmas without all the presents? Some might want a car, others might want a toy. I am very lucky to want most unwanted gift of all and yet the most precious gift of all. I want to be satisfied; I want to be satisfied by what I already have, satisfied by what I had. Yes, it would be nice to have a car or to have a million dollar or that new cellphone but wouldn’t I just want more and more each time? Wouldn’t it be nicer if I can get what nobody else asked for: the satisfaction of life? In life you don’t always get what you want, whether it be Christmas or not, so how you face the disappointment will be the real test. So this christmas, I ask for nothing but for myself to learn to be satisfied with everything I have and had. Maybe I don’t need the things I wish I have, maybe I am great the way my life is; all I have to do is to see it, feel it, sense it, grab hold of it and welcome it and hopefully it will turn out to be the best Christmas present I can ever get! So to those who bothered to read this, I wish that one day you will be as lucky as I am: to learn to lead a life where you can be positive and be satisfied with all that you have. I wish that one day you can wake up and say: I WANT NOTHING MORE~

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